Namaste to Little Stars of Nepal

Dear Friends of Sano Taraharu,

Seven years ago Sano Taraharu was founded. In these years we have experienced many wonderful gifts in striving to support and serve the children needing care in Nepal. This task has faithfully brought many challenges, that said after our training for educators in 2018, we could see clearly that our work of two plus years was beginning to bear fruit and we were able to work in a harmonious way with those in Nepal we felt our task was shared.

The situation in the children’s home and toddler classroom significantly improved for both the caremother’s, infants and young children.

We continued this work until the Corona Pandemic came and many aspects of our work became more difficult. After one and half years we managed to fly to Nepal in the summer of 2021, even though everything in Nepal was in lockdown.
Meanwhile, there was a change of government in Nepal, the Democratic Party lost the elections and the Communist Party won the majority. The management of the children’s home had changed. We were not allowed to go to the children and teachers as usual. The educators who lived and worked in the children’s home were only allowed to leave the children’s home for thirty minutes per month due to the risk of infection. After a conversation with the new management, we were able to see the children at a distance of 7 m. Although they asked us to take over the pedagogical direction for the toddler area, there has not been another meeting since.

Since the political situation in Nepal can change again quickly, we hoped to come back to our children’s home one day.
Due to a new request, we took over the organization of a Steiner-inspired kindergarten for the children in a new children’s home. We renovated and set up the rooms in a child-friendly way. The kindergarten was opened in April 22 with 3 kindergarten groups. A Sano Taraharu friend (Nepali) looks after the teachers twice a week. However, in August of this year we decided to end our active work there, realizing the direction of the overall program was moving away from Sanotaru’s mission.

At the moment, we are now in an interim phase and reorienting to our task and what is needed. After seven years it is now time to found a legal entity in Europe and the US. Since we all do this on a voluntary basis in addition to everyday life, the processes does not go quickly.
We are already planning to travel to Nepal in mid-February 2023 to reorient ourselves on site.

We hope you find this update useful and will continue to walk with us and the children. More updates to come in Spring 2023.

With kind regards and many thanks for all your support,

Lisa Bono – On behalf of Sanotaraharu

Sano Taraharu is an international organization currently beginning to work in children homes in Kathmandu Nepal. We work to build facilities and bring trainings to adults for the care of the very young child.
We work to create an environment that meets not just the survival ( basic) needs of each child,  which we know is essential, but also by observing each child and attuning ourselves to their specific biography as orphans we try to perceive what their being is speaking and bringing to all of us in todays world about what it means to become more fully human…
We are inspired by the insights of Rudolf Steiner, in human development and the life of the spirit.
It is our hope that in small ways the transformation in quality of care, and the environment will give to the overall health of the children and care mothers and therefore establish beauty and love as a foundation for the children.