Sano Taraharu – ” little stars of Nepal” is an international organization currently beginning to work in orphanages in Kathmandu.

We work to build clean, beautiful facilities and bring trainings to adults focusing on the care of the very young child. We are inspired by the insights of Rudolf Steiner, in human development and the life of the spirit.

“The stars once spoke to man. It is world-destiny that they are silent now.
To be aware of this silence can become pain for earthly man.
But in the deepening silence there grows and ripens what man speaks to the stars.
To be aware of the speaking can become strength for spirit-man.”

Rudolf Steiner

Lisa Bono – I step towards the work and task of Sano Taraharu with the knowing that each child is a precious gift to our world. Children living in orphanages teach me about courage and love and the also they need us. My commitment is to listen to young children living in orphanages, working to keeping my heart open to hear their call and act on what they need. (Early Childhood teacher)

Noëmi Böken – I  feel it is the movement we make towards each child in our hearts and commitment to the children that allows them to speak to us and brings the trust needed between us for healing and light to enter into their life and environment.  (curative / social Eurythmist) www.you-with-me.com